Tuesday, January 20, 2004


"What could you not live without?" Someone asked me the other day.

My mind, I replied. And that's the damn truth.

The slow crumble that I see in people who were once capable of cognitive process crushes my heart like a can at 100Gs. My grandmother, a massive vibrant influence on my life, no longer knows where she is let alone recognise her own family. I sometimes believe that in a mirror she would be unable to remember her own face.

It is something i don't want to go through.

And how many questions does that bring up?

Friday, January 16, 2004


Holly Meredith faints halfway through the 7th grade musical. The first face she sees as she begins to wake up is Jared Wilkins, the new boy. According to the Loyalty Papers that she and her best friend Andie Martinez wrote, if they both like the same boy, one of them has to back off. Now, both girls have fallen for Jared Wilkins and neither wants to back off. Holly's best friend suddenly becomes her worst enemy.

My past comes back to haunt me. I always told everyone my life was a work of fiction. I hope Ingrid doesn't find out two girls called Holly and Andie are after me!

Thursday, January 15, 2004


I don't really have the time or energy to detail the trip Ingrid and I did to Melbourne between Christmas and New Year and some bright young thing said a picture speaks a thousand words. So here are the picks of the photos from the trip with commentry.

This is a photo Ingrid took of Groove Armada playing a Summadayze on Jan 1. As you can see there were a few people enjoying themselves. There were about another 10,000 behind us as well.

The next photo comes with a warning. Whatever you do never mix a sunny day at the MCG, copious quantities of alcohol, a cricket match minus Jason Gillespie and a pair of hair clippers. Because kids, this is the result. Hair of the Year award nominees for 2003 Baz and Tom.

Ingrid laughed so hard she fell of the chair.

Friday, January 09, 2004


My complete loathing of Starbucks is nothing new. The fact that i require physical restraint when within 200m of one of the mindless franchises that sucks the life out of small business and is infecting society like Tommy did Pamela has been noted previously. Which is why i can't believe i am about to write this.

I threw up this piece of 10110011010 that is titled GBU to show people what i was into. What floated my boat and put the wind in my sails and, to coninue the nautical analogy, placed an uncharted reef beneath me and caused me to empty the bilge when required.

The point is this - I like to know what stuff the people i read and listen to are into. I would love to know what the Stones, Beach Boys and Tom Morello listen to. And now someone has come out and made it possible. Who is it? Yep you guessed it Starbucks.

Just like a virus they have mutated into a new form inorder to infect those who were previously immune (ie Me!). Starbucks' Hear Music line has produced a series of Artist Choice CDs allowing us plebs to find out what tunes inspire, ammuse and are enjoyed by such luminaries as The Rolling Stones, Tony Bennett, Arethra Franklin and Johnny Cash. The worst thing? The CDs seem really good with some truly eclectic track selection. So good that even i'm tempted. Fuckers!