Thursday, December 08, 2005

Let it all out:

I've spent the last three days trying to work out why the work interwub wasn't loading certain websites. One of which was our payment gateway which is currently churning through ticket sales. The ISP was, to put it bluntly, no bloody use and when i got really stroppy and told them to pick their arse up and walk across the road to us from their office i was told that the whole office got relocated to Grafton.

Thanks to Karl's patience and knowledge i finally solved the interwub problem. I changed the settings on the server and the office machines. Then the email server stopped.

For the last hour i've been trying to work out why this is and then trying to fix it while swearing quite loudly. At which point my boss walks in and says "if you didn't have such a big brain we wouldn't expect you to fix these problems so it's your own fault really". I'm now searching for a do it yourself lobotomy kit.

It seems our mail server can't do more than two things at once. Tell it to manage the interwub and it stops the mail, tell it to manage the mail and it can't handle the interwub. I've since told it to worry the mail and let the office computers manage the interwub. Problem solved. I hope.


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