Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Track 1:

Return to Sender - Elvis Presley

"This time I’m gonna take it myself
And put it right in her hand.
And if it comes back the very next day
Then I’ll understand "

When I was very young I spent at great deal of time at my Bapcia's, the Polish word for Grandmother, while my Dad worked and my Mum was studying. Most of my early memories involve being at her house and down at the beach. I remember afternoons spent watching 50's and 60's films that the networks would show and staring Hope and Crosby, Astaire and Rodgers, the Marx Brothers, Abbot and Costello, Laurel and Hardy and Elvis. My Bapcia had a big thing for Elvis and she made sure we always watched his movies. I grew up with Elvis songs and know the words to so bloody many of them, heck most of us do without even owning anything more than a single best of cassette tape for many year.

In my humble, and recently reached, opinion Return to Sender is the best track he ever did. It has more depth than the Marianas Trench. It says more about the breakup of a relationship in 2 minutes, yes it is only that long, than most other bloody songs do in three times that. The characters plaintive attempts to make up with the girl only to be rebuffed continuously just pull on my heartstrings. Had the bloke gone around to her place right after and made it clear how sorry he was he wouldn't have lost her, but no he had to play it cool.

It's a simple, beautiful song with a message. No wasted time dicking around with guitar solos, long winded drum intros and odd noises. Just two minutes of emotion. Glorious.


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