Wednesday, November 24, 2004

32 Songs - Track 14

Gorecki – Lamb

wanna stay right here
'til the end of time, 'til the earth stops turning
gonna love you 'til the seas run dry
i've found the one i've waited for
the one i've waited for

This is where I get pretentious. Gorecki is the most beautiful song in the world. People can take their Jeff Buckley, their Carmen, their Andreas Bocelli, their Kiri Te Kanewa, their Sarah Maclachlan and shove it.

You can see right above that the song says “I’ve found the one I’ve waited for”. And they got it right. It must be the best love song ever written. Sure the lyrics written out might seem just as pretentious as my statement at the start but Louis Rhodes' voice sells it so completely that I just don’t care. And at the point where it might get cloying the drums and the bass kick in and the celebration starts.

Fuck everything let’s rejoice the bloody happiness we have!

Every other song on this list has a story to it and so I should stick to form and attach one here. Gorecki happens to be a favourite song of a chap called David Seaman, when he isn’t saving goals for England or Premier League sides he pretends to be a short, bald bloke who spins records and, as Brothers in Rhythm, produce the odd Kylie album. One Anzac weekend a couple of years ago Sean, Nick, Katrina and myself ventured to Melbourne to see said individual launch his new CD. While Sean formed an attachment to the furniture and enjoyed the miracles of his respiratory system he tried to tell me that Dave would not finish his set with Gorecki no matter how strongly I believed it. This continued until just before 6am when Dave dropped a Bill Hamel remix of the track and the emergency services were called in to find the QBH roof.

God I love that moment.

God I love this song.


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