Monday, November 01, 2004


There is an academic paper somewhere that is a disection of voting habits. It uncovers a trend that people vote depending on how they view their life, the fortune of their sporting team, what mood they are in and the weather! If things are good then the incumbent gets a boost on polling day that never appears in the pre-polls.

Could the Republicans be getting a massive boost in Kerry's home state thanks to the Red Sox's first World Series win?


Will the latest Osama tape renew in the public a fear of home security and lead to a boost for the Republican's?


Will Florida run a transparent, fair election?

No way.

Will the American people prove themselves to be smarter than us and vote out a conservative government that is callously stripmining social programs and flogging an economy that is nearly deserving the white screen and shotgun to be brought out to the middle of the track?

Probably not.

But then again i'd be kinda worried about the electoral college votes if i was either candidate.


Bush to get another four.

Makybe Diva for the Cup.

Someone to win Australian Idol


Blogger mister z said...

in answer to your questions, we need post-weekend tracking polls to see. ask me tues AM

but otherwise, wouldn't it be ironic? EG australian conservatives' anti-communist autofellatio, post Nixon-to-china

7:02 PM  

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