Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Join me now for a stunble down memory lane.

On the 19th of May 2001 Graham, Nick, Marcus and I moved into a house at 61 National Circuit.

18 months later Nick, Marcus, Byron, Owen and I moved out.

2 weeks ago, and four years later than was sensible, the house was demolished.

And I'm feeling a little blue about the whole situation. So while i sit here with a Hat Lifter Stout at my elbow i'm going to list some of the special moments that occured in the house.

The diesel heating that would run out of fuel because we seldom checked it, Marcus's fried eggs, End of Term cocktail nights
The Hagrid Voice (and The Screamer), Three rooms of comic books, Sean sleeping in Marcus's car, The trippy black and orange living room carpet, Marcus smoking in the living room, The freezing bloody cold!, Lying on the sofa in the sunlight on a Sunday afternoon, The Steve Lawler episode and all associated episodes, The entire Macci's staff in the living room one Sunday morning, The jungle of a backyard, The swiss playing tennis, Nick and Blythe, Graham and Emma, Marcus and Fran
Jared and Ingrid, Graham's decks in the living room, The lack of snorting facilities, Abode, The accident at the auction, Byron's bedroom, The flour on the roof of the kitchen, The massive fireplace, Me and the lighter, The Veto, the gaps in the floor, the walks over parliament house to civic, Owen living in the cupboard, Nick chasing Graham, Graham chasing Nick, the sticky-dart guns........and there are so many more.


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