Thursday, November 10, 2005

Down the Rabbit Hole

Cos that's where the money goes.

Dings me-um be likey here-um

Josh Pyke seems to be a talented little bugger. His song Middle of The Hill is currently on high rotation on my machine. His new EP and the previous one will no doubt be in my possesion tomorrow.

Fell is without a doubt one of the best bargains going around. 3 local dollah gets you a complete little adult story with pictures and the black foam frothing ramblings of Warren Ellis in the back explaining the origins of the story. I'm enjoying reading it then releasing it into the wild like a tagged white pointer hoping it will eventually take a chuck out of an unsuspecting South African or non-comicbook reader.

Scott Pilgrim is something i've come to very late. I've haunted bookstores looking for a copy and eventually just whacked it into a big amazon order (Sorkin overload!) not knowing what i would get. Seems i got manga that i actually like. Once i've read it again, with half a page of acid and some red cordial, it too joins the tag and release program.

The Walking Dead is the harshest thing i've laid eyes on in years. An ongoing Zombie film where the standard rules do not apply. Interestingly the title doesn't seem to apply to the Zombies but rather those who we might consider as the living.


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