Friday, February 20, 2004

I've been having thoughts of guerilla advertising. Partly due to what Gra is going through at the moment, the strange marinating effect that Transmetropolitan is having on my brain, the billions of dollars that a couple softdrink manufacturers throw around and some chick called Naomi Klein who had the best example of irony in the last ten years.

I keep having images of it all descending into war. Imagine the two top softdrink manufacturers taking out each others billboards with grenade launchers, sabotaging their tv advertising by liberal use of C4 on the sets and a beer label blimp does a Hindenburg after another label buys an F-15.

And then the kids pick it up. And it gets really nasty.

So legislation is passed that advertising is illegal. So it goes underground and gets tricky.

The worlds top computer geeks get paid buckets to write nifty code that makes images and songs appear on your computer, phone and car windscreen only to replicate and then vanish. Graffiti takes over from the Neon sign. People get paid to repeat jingles in crowded locations just above the hearing level (an aural virus?).

So if all of this is possible right now. Why isn't it being done?

Monday, February 02, 2004


Would an Aussie Kiss be like a French Kiss, but down under?