Wednesday, September 22, 2004


So the ACT Brumbies, the bastion of local rugby union, are no more. Having decided that the three letters A, C and T are a shackle keeping them from achieving the the giddy heights of world fame and glamour they have cast them assunder like a pair of stonewash levis. From hence forth they will be known as The Brumbies and sports fans around the globe will tremble at their marketability.

Or will they?

The ACT Rugby Union is claiming that the region specific identity of the Super 12 team creates confusion in international markets and is a detriment to fans in southern NSW and other Super 12 deprived regions of the country. By losing the local identity they know that people will flock to the team and the dollars will role in.

The ACT Rugby Union are the most deluded set of individuals to come along since the Australian Democrats. A local identity does nothing to minimise your international fan base. Let me run a few names by you.

New York Yankees

Manchester United

San Fransisco 49ers

Real Madrid

Chicago Bulls

Five of the most internationally followed sporting teams in the world of sport and every single one of them has kept their local identity. Millions in international sales of replica uniforms and merchandise. The ACT Rugby Union itself claims that it sold $1 million in replica jerseys in the UK last year and this was while the team retained it's 'ACT' tag.

The ACT Rugby Union is pimping out it's beautiful daughter to whoever is willing to cough up the money. They seem to think that they are onto a winner. And they must be right.

After all look at the success of the Kangaroos once they disclaimed North Melbourne.


Blogger mister z said...

I sent a polite but pointy email to Ron Clark (Brumbies CEO)

idiots. karnts.

1:04 PM  
Blogger lunch said...

Hopefully we won't keep following the kangas, I really don't want to be reading about how Stirling Mortlock was giving it to ms Gregan at Jeremy Pauls birthday party... who knows what George Smith would do then!

10:07 AM  
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