Saturday, September 04, 2004

Election 2004

I got asked last weekend if i was going to cover the election here in the gbu. Truth be told i had no intention of it until someone asked. Now it's festering like a mutated singing dugong faced blister on my arse.

I went and spent a week in isolation to get over it and practice my yoga (which didn't go as well as i planned)

Then Cynan had to go and see if i wanted to carry on with the bet we ran with in the last election.

So i'm going to bend around to my backside (the yoga remember) bite the mutated singing dugong faced blister and do a sporadic, manic and completely nonsensical coverage of the Federal Election and also the ACT Election. And it will all come to a head with a possible live coverage from the floor of the national tally room on the big day under the effect of whatever pharmaceutical products i can obtain and a lack of sleep.

The GBU. Coming Through. For all of You.


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