Friday, September 17, 2004

Brittle not broken:

Where have the last three weeks gone? If anyone finds them can they hand them back to me?

I'm back in Canberra now for good. The world having beaten into me that holidays and leaving the are a bad idea.

It's time to make some thanks public too. So thankyou to

  • The Dolphins who kept me company down the coast while i tried to escape the world. And thanks to Troy for providing the esape route.

  • My housemates who brought me back into it like a 747 in a sreaming flaming death dive into a heavily poulated area.

  • Sadil Quinlan who, surprise surprise, are being fairly supportive.

  • Euan for giving me something manual to do and my humble apologies for being a right bastard on a couple of occasions.

  • Owen and Crozzels for the beers.

  • Pollyanna for being the most uderrated rock band in Australian music history.

  • Kate for the EGT and mind probes.

  • Milos and Helen for the bed, the wine, the vodka, the conversation

  • Amber for being absolutely fantastic

  • Graham, Chris, Bobby, Adam and Sharn for the Ginger martinis and a Sunday night i won't forget

  • Geelong and Essendon supporters for keeping me amused on a cold rainy night at the G. Remember people you could be there too. All it takes is dedication.

  • and, most importantly

  • Ingrid, who has always been there, always listened and forgiven me my need to be a selfish bastard on occasions

  • We now return you to your regular programming


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