Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The majority of Australia's news agencies are running the story on the allegations of sex assault being brought against two St Kilda football players. While listening to a news report on Triple j i heard something that peaked my interest. Which sent me to the web for confirmation which i finally found at The Age. It seems St Kilda coach Grant Thomas had all the players over to his house Tuesday night for a BBQ.
Now correct me if i am wrong but an AFL team has 18 players on the ground and at least four on the interchange bench. There are normally two assistant coaches (at least), an operations manager, several trainers and another 8-10 players. Throw in the coach and the odd lackey and it seems that there were over 40 people having dinner at Grant's! Your average AFL player is 6 foot high and weighs over 80kg, they ain't little blokes. All this begs the question "Just how big is Grant Thomas' House?".

Bloody huge it seems.

Perhaps the AFL should also be investigating the salaries coaches are paid because if this one (who isn't that crash hot really) can afford a place with a lounge room that fits 40 footballers imagine what bloody Mick Malthouse or Kevin Sheedy are living in?

And i haven't even mentioned the amount of meat they must have gone through. Anyone missing a cattleboat?


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