Friday, March 12, 2004

I've had a complete bugger of a day dealing with a communications company that starts with a 'T' and I won't bloody name! I am fairly convinced that selling them off actually increased the average intelligence of government employees by a factor of five. However some people have to be singled out as shining lights. Rebecca a 'T' person in Perth (id # c993871) did a fucking magnificant job while her superior seemed only interested in rimming goats rather than helping customers. Kevin in the Fyshwick 'T' Shop is also worthy of having a pint held skywards for bashing through Telstra scum like Monkey did bug demons. However the biggest cheer has to be left for Mark and Xeni at Optus Business who should have gone home two hours ago but are still battling for me against the Loathsome Swollen Beast that is 'T' and wont go home till the battle is won!Legendary behaviour.

Want a mobile phone and customer service? Go to Optus.
Like rimming goats? give 'T' a call.

Fuck i need a beer.


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