Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Think, Listen, Read, Absorb, Consume:

Twin Freaks - Really Love You/Lalula double sided single.
Paul Mc and The Freelance Hellraiser go for a slash and burn followed by some extensive re-landscaping through the big Mac's back catalouge.

Starwars v Hatiris
For some reason i can't stop listening.

The Go! Team
It's a party in my ears and the entire neighbourhood got invited.

The Panics
The red dust, hot roads and relaxed muscles of the australian instrumental rise again.

Gorillaz - Demon Days
It's ivy crawling along my brickwork and breaking down some solid foundations. and i'm enjoying the change.

Iranian terrorists take 300 hostage and torture my making them jump up and down for four hours
They started with the Imperial March for goodness sake!

He may be the world's gayest DJ but the chicks still dig him
We didn't have the heart to tell the girl who kept flashing him all night that Danny wasn't that way inclined.

I've worked my way through two terry pratchett books. I might blame my recent heart condition on them. I'm now retreating into the world of Lawrence Block to patch myself together with soft words, wounded souls and bourbon with coffee.

Owen and Jenny's Birthday present of 30 beers for 30 years has wound down to the greatest six pack in the world. Hoegaarden White (8.5%), Carlsberg Elephant (9%), Delirium Tremens (11%), Forbidden Fruit (8%), Coopers Vintage (11%) and Ruddles Ale (500ml).

The flame sided cowboy boots have been repaired and improved thanks to Joe @ Joe's Boots.


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