Tuesday, April 19, 2005

National Folk Festival 2005:

Some shots and comments.

So one day very close to the Festival my boss walks into the office and says "Jared, speak to this woman on the phone". The woman, whose name is Megan Bottari by the way, explains to me that she wants this Hotglass Roadshow from America,a glass workshop on the back of a pantec, to make an appearance at the Festival. As Megan continues to explainthe van to me i keep seeing exploding trucks and molten glass and it all seems like a huge amount of work and CAN I BE BOTHERED WITH THIS RIGHT NOW! Megan continued to talk to me and i got interested, then intrigued and finally convinced that this had to happen. And what do you know it did.

As a result of the Roadshow visiting the Festival i got to meet four amazing people; Megan from the ANU without whom none of this would be possible and Steve, John and Lewis from the Roadshow itself. This is John from the Roadshow and how can you not like a man who embraces Coopers with that much enthusiasm?

This is a mandala made of died, crushed marble sand and done in a pattern that will enable a certain idea to be brought into this world. It is then destroyed to release the idea. The monk with his back to the photo is Geshe Sonam. Geshe is building a house at Bells Beach and rides a longboard.

How good is the set in the Budawang? Conceived by Graham McDonald and made into reality by Brian Sudding. Brian just does a better job every year. And Nova weren't to sloppy in their lighting design either.

What do you get when you mix 1500 cups and two teenagers up past their bed time? This is what i was woken up for at 6am on Easter Monday morning.

Yes those are Coopers cups.


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