Wednesday, December 17, 2003


A few weeks ago i caught the new White Stripes video for The Hardest Button to Button. In which Meg White's drum kit replicates in time to the beats. It, along with Kylie Minogues' Come Into My World (with the replicating Kylies), Chemical Brothers' Star Guitar (the animated train), Radiohead's Knives Out and Bjork's Human Behaviour (the bear suit) rank as some of my favourtie video clips of all time. A little research today and i made an interesting discovery they are all the work of one man, Michel Gondry and a DVD collection of many of his clips has just been released with commentaries by himself and many of the bands. The same DVD series has a collection of Chris Cunningham's work (Aphex Twin videos) and the work of Spike Jonze (Sabotage and Praise you fame.)

And how cool is that cover?


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